welcome to hair culture salon

Hair Culture is a salon that focuses on the art, science, and psychology of hair.
The Hair Culture team is composed of highly trained artisans that are certified by the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists and that specialize in the world of hair.
Trained by the best hairstylists in the industry and educated internationally, we keep our expertise, inspiration, and creativity alive.

Hair Culture provides a professional, yet friendly atmosphere and is full of positive energy. Our goal is to optimize your natural beauty and to increase your wellbeing while continually expanding our knowledge and skills.

hours of operation

Sunday-Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 10-4pm
Wednesday | 10-8pm
Thursday | 10-8pm
Friday | 10-5pm
Saturday | 10-5pm

cancellation policy

We require a 24 hour notice for appointment cancellations.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance, so that we may accommodate another client. If we do not receive your cancellation notification a fee of 50% of your service booked will be charged.


Hair Culture is a salon that focuses on the art, science, and psychology of hair.
As such, Hair Culture has hand picked specific product lines that fit the needs of the salon and its clients.


Stephanie S.

"I've had mah hurr did in Boston, NYC, San Francisco, and that ultimate bastion of style, Albuquerque. I've dropped $150 on a cut and had my locks shaped and sculpted by owners of giant salons with three-month-long wait lists. I've had Ouidad-trained stylists slice and dice my curls to where my fro ended up looking like a wig, and in 4th grade I got one particularly traumatic do that caused my little sister to tell me "you look like an old english sheepdog". Yes, when you have thick and curly hair, walking into a salon can be a treacherous and costly experience. You'll pay any amount and drive any distance for a stylist that knows her stuff. Who would have thought that a 26 year old in Louisville could have given me a cut that rivals the best I've had? No offense to either 26 year olds or Louisville, but I think we expect that with age and experience comes skill, and that the best trims would be found in bustling metropolitan areas. Adrianna's had great training, but simply put, she knows her sh**. I walked out $50 poorer (plus tip) and lookin' a hell of a lot better."

Teri G.

"They consistently have given me the best haircuts in my life. I'd recommend this place to anyone, especially if you've given up on getting that perfect haircut. Also -- I have curly hair, so this is an even bigger deal for me; most places haven't a clue what to do with my hair and end up either straightening it or making it frizzy!"

Melanie H.

"Toria cut my hair today and I'm really pleased with my cut."

Amanda C.

"Cutting thick, curly hair seems to be a difficult task for many salons, but Rose at Hair Culture did a fantastic job."

Min Jung S.

"Andrea - she's *awesome*, there's just no other way to put it. My hair has never looked this good - I'm never going to go to anyone else other than her."

Serin C.

"Sarah E. did an amazing job on my highlight! I am a very picky long haired blonde.. and I love it! Thank you!!"